Welcome to the World Headquarters of the SuperNutrient Corporation!

In 1980 a virtual lightening bolt struck Dr. Brice E. Vickery, a Holistic Chiropractic Physician and Applied Kinesiologist/Electro–acupuncturist, when he found that according to the Patient’s Body 90% were protein deficient. This through much additional research led to the ultimate answer, which is now available to the World as Platinum Essential Amino Acids Plus or just Platinum Plus. He vigorously asserts that these may be the most important discoveries that are now unfolding in the 21st century, eventually eclipsing the use of aspirin and antibiotics combined. Since the boost in body proteins has proven to produce immune competence it is universal health maintenance for all ages, from toddlers to centenarians. Not everyone should take aspirin. Not everyone should take antibiotics—especially since they largely would not need them. The use of Platinum Plus, especially when combined with two other deficiency answering products that he has developed, namely Vickery Sea Plant Minerals and Glyconutrients©, and Sea–Aloe Gold™ is the means that he himself uses instead of “flu shots” that have proven to be a dangerous guessing game with lives. Since he is perking along full steam at 80, he and his clients are proving that he is right.

Since the applications of Platinum Plus are universal even for the small amount of persons that may adequately digest their dietary protein since they, under stress, can become deficient also. Increased toxic loads require more amino/minerals response to detox mercury, lead etc. in the heavy metals department, xenobiotics such as PCBs, DDT, anesthetics etc., as well as the ongoing 24 hour day combat with the microbe assault upon and within our bodies. Sufficient protein metabolism helps the body to destroy these afflictions.

Dr. Vickery and Eve Pekkala in their continuing research may use the biliary system as an example for ALL body systems. There are a series of some 17– 19 different enzymes that decide how, LDL or HDL, how much cholesterol and /or bile salts to manufacture. Every one of these enzymes contains 40–62% Essential Amino Acids so perhaps the good doctors should put people with altered cholesterol on Platinum Plus before trying dangerous statin drugs such as Lipitor® or do an amino acids profile!

Research at the University of Pennsylvania in 2005 found that when the amino building blocks are NOT available to create a protein this is what may happen:1. The body will search for the amino acids needed up to 500 pathways longer than the normal process. 2. It will not make it at all. 3. It will make a look–alike protein with a completely different function or no function at all. It is possible that this is what happens with cancer cells. It is their opinion that everyone should give serious scrutiny to protein and it’s super ally Platinum Plus because every condition that is examined has, as its most important deficiency — amino acids. Everyone used to think that nutritional supplements were nice little options but this one is a life sustaining necessity.

Platinum Plus is usually so successful that they decided to concentrate on persons who reported not responding to the Fibromyalgia support packages which is easy sailing. What they found were severe mal–absorption, which was often so pronounced that these individuals were so damaged that they could not even absorb ordinary amounts of Platinum Plus which requires no digestion and is in the ideal proportions. This is in itself a test for severe mal–absorption. Proceeding along these lines a new (really old) condition was found to explain the entire process: Celiac Disease. Now this condition may be the most under–diagnosed condition ever and may take 5-10 years to be diagnosed using traditional means.

In these cases once the nutrients (Platinum Plus etc.) begin to be assimilated these people begin to heal as they should. More on this in a special section. Dr. Vickery says that despite the conditions previously named the human’s best defense remains the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) formula. There is air, there is water, and there is protein and Platinum Plus ensures this like no other since it is unique, singularly effective, and it is patented.