Take Care and thank you for everything.

When I was young I would have had frequent tonsillitis and treated with antibiotics, but I’ve never had my tonsils out.

When I was 14 I took my first menstrual period and suffered severe cramps every month, and heavy bleeding.

I started as a trainee hairdresser when I was 18 years old.

Up until this I never had any pains and used to train and compete with a local athletic club.

I started with lower back pain and sciatica and found work very difficult, but I stayed at hairdressing for 4 years, after which I could no longer cope with pain all the time, I was taking pain killers all the time and was totally exhausted.

I then worked in an office for 1 year and the pain in my back improved a lot if I was careful, but still found it difficult to stand for any length of time.

There wasn’t many jobs around then and I was just married and in the process of building a new house, I started with Fruit of the Loom as a sewing machine operator, you may be familiar with them as they were an American-based company, the work was very heavy and soon the pain travelled from lower back to upper back, neck and shoulders.

I was eventually referred to a Rheumatologist, he said that he could find nothing wrong except I had a high white cell count in my blood, and that I would probably have arthritis before I was 30, he give me a prescription for ponstan forte (Mefanic Acid) pain killers. At this stage I had a sore back and sciatica all the time and I was then referred for physiotherapy and she said that my left shoulder was 1 and half inches lower than my right shoulder when I was standing straight and I had a curve in base of my spine, my mother also has the same thing. Around this time as well I went to my Dr again with bad menstrual periods and he also said that I had a curve in my spine which caused a tilt in my womb and that I would find it difficult to get pregnant. I was 7 years married before Marc was born and never used any form of contraception for 4 of these years. I then went to a chiropractor and she said I needed to go to her 3 times a week, and the pain of the adjustments was terrible, I could fell her rubbing out knots in my back and I could feel them going straight back in again, she said I had neck, upper back, lower back and pelvic problems. But it was to sore to keep it up as I was still working in the factory and I was only irritating everything that they had done the day before, so I finally stopped. I also started to get migraines at this time as well, Like a fool, I worked in the factory for 5 years, but in the end I was in pain all the time and I couldn’t physically or mentally put up with it any longer. I went off work then and was claiming a disability benefit.

This was April 1996, I fell pregnant with Marc in august 1996, and was extremely sick from the start, morning sickness all day. I had severe pain in my tail bone and my pubic bone for the last 6 months. This is when I had my first ever urinary tract infection and was treated several times with antibiotics during this pregnancy, I had my haemoglobin checked at 14 weeks and it was 14%, and it was never checked again until the day after Marc was born, His birth was as I can only describe as horrific I could not actually deliver him because I was so tired, Marc was eventually born but he was very blue, and the were also concerned about his rapid breathing, my bloods were done the next day and my haemoglobin was only 5.9% and I felt terrible I didn’t sleep for the 5 nights I was in the hospital and the day I got discharged my head was very dizzy, but I said nothing because I just wanted to get home. I had dizzy heads all of the time for the next few years, and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia by my GP.

I then was pregnant with Aaron and had Urinary infections all of the time I had 18 courses of anti-biotics during this pregnancy and was in agony from thrush.

When I went into labour and went to the hospital they insisted I wasn’t in labour and only agreed to keep me in because I had such a bad urinary infection, Aaron was born 30 minutes later. The urinary infections subsided a bit after he was born, but I still was never in good form and suffered severe migraines for days at a time, and sleep was very poor, I went to my GP about not sleeping and she said you have a young baby but I said he is sleeping I am not. I was pregnant again when Aaron was just over 2 years old, but I had a miscarriage at 10 weeks. This was in 2002. I then got pregnant again in 2004 and it was horrific, I was so sick and never got any sleep at all for the first 3 weeks my nervous system seemed to go in to overdrive and my legs and hips would not stop jumping. I had a urinary infections constantly and was on anti-biotic as a maintenance dose continuously, I was given Librium to help me sleep, but most of the time I could not sleep. I have to say at this time I actually felt suicidal I just didn’t care anymore, Aine was born in March 2005, but this time the urinary infections never stopped I had it all the time I was in bad form for a few days and then it peaked and started all over again, I couldn’t sleep when it was bad and had to take sleeping tablets, only for them I would have gone mad. This continued for two years. Then I ended up in hospital very sick and was admitted with what the Dr’s thought.

Was a severe urinary tract infection, I had a temperature of 105 and I was very confused, When I was examined in the hospital they said that it wasn’t my kidneys was the problem but my bowels. They wanted to know if there was any history of bowel cancer in family, I had 2 aunts that died from it. At this stage I thought I was going to die, I started then to have diarrhea, and it was just blood coming out, now I really thought my time was up. It wasn’t until 3 days later that it was confirmed that I had Campylobactor food poisoning from chicken I had eaten while visiting my father in hospital a week ago. I left hospital that day and there was still the same amount of blood and pus in my urine as the day I was admitted.

After this I was sent for a lot of tests , I had an ultrasound of the kidneys which was normal, I was then sent for a scope into the bladder but they couldn’t get the scope in because I was so badly inflamed, I was then admitted for it to be done under general anaesthetic which was also normal. I had weekly urine sample sent to the lab which still only showed pus and blood no evidence of bacteria infection. I had a cat scan for the migraines and it came back inconclusive so I was sent for a MRI scan and it was clear.

I was then referred to Beaumont hospital in Dublin to one of the leading kidney transplant surgeons, I was in hospital for a week for tests. I has a bladder scope done again under general and my temperature was monitored it went to 100 degrees at some stage every day and my urine was cultured every 4 hours which still only showed blood and pus, no bacteria. I had a cat scan again with dye put in to test for tuberculosis which was clear. The only thing that was actually confirmed at the end of the week was that I had tachycardia most of the time when I was resting my heartbeat was rarely under 100 beats a minute, now I had another problem, every time I went to the hospital for tests I was sent for an ECG because my pulse was so fast, but I have to say I did have palpitations but I have been like that all my life, and to this day I am still the same.

I had to back to Dublin for all the results and I was told I had “Asymptomatic Bacteria” I was intrigued to know if my understanding of this term was the same as his, so I asked he proceeded to tell me that it mean’t that there was no symptoms of a urinary infection but there was bacteria in the urine, and that 90% of women suffer from this, and I was to take Macrodantin for the rest of my life. I asked him did he really think that I wanted to go through all these tests because I had no symptoms and spend a week in Dublin in hospital. I have to say he was quite taken a back, I also asked him how could he say there was bacteria in the urine when none was actually found, he really didn’t have an answer.

That was the last time I have been to a Doctor and that was 2008.

The following year I went to Olga Breslin a faith healer that I had taken Marc to and she told me that all my problems where caused by systemic Candida, at that stage I had tennis elbow in both arms and found it very difficult to cut and eat my food. I started the Candida diet and within 2 weeks my elbows were completely back to normal. I knew then that she was right, that’s when I started searching the internet for information and I found you!! I bet you are now fed-up reading at this stage and wished you hadn’t asked for this, but if you need anymore information feel free to contact me because I have a few probably have a few paragraphs left in me yet. Take Care and thank you for everything.

Jaqueline D

Jaqueline began her protocol in December 2009 She started with:

By February of 2010 her thyroid panels had normalized, she had lost weight and felt better. She still had mucous drainage in her throat. She added vitamin B.

In March she was feeling better but still had the problem of phlegm in her throat. She added some protease enzymes and increased her vitamin C and added parsley.

In May she was getting down to dealing with some core infections in her intestines. She added lecithin granules.

Jaqueline was struggling with some major fungal infections of various kinds which were proving difficult to combat. By February of 2011 Dr. Vickery made a major breakthrough and discovered something that would break the back of most fungal infections, even the tough ones. Jaqueline added this amazing oil.

By April of 2011 Jaqueline was feeling wonderful and reduced her protocol to a maintenance dosage of Platinum Plus, Sea Plant Minerals, fatty acids, vitamin C and multi-vitamin.

Jaqueline’s son Marc began in October of 2010 with the Fibromyalgia and Natural Antibiotic Kit #1 with Sea Aloe Gold, lecithin granules, anti-fungal oil, and rose hips.

In February of 2011 Marc added CoQ10 with PQQ, and GABA.

By April Marc the swelling and hives that had plagued Marc since infancy were gone. He was feeling well. His mother reduced his protocol to Platinum Plus, fatty acids, multi vitamin and Sea Plant Minerals

Both Marc and Jaqueline went to maintenance protocols on the same day. They are both happy and well today.


Marc is absolutely thriving now and I see such a difference.

Marc was never sick until he was 13 months old, when he was hospitalised for 3 days with very high privately vomiting. He had a lumbar puncture to rule out meningitis, and their final diagnoses was a sore throat. Marc was given antibiotics and the day he got home had urticaria all over his body and they told me it was nothing to worry about, so at the time I didn’t.

After this, Marc had severe ear and throat infections every 3 to 4 weeks, and had an anti-biotic each time, and also he used to vomit with any high temperature at all, this is when the angioedema started and the urticaria started almost on a daily basis. It effected his feet most of all, he would get swellings, maybe 1 inch square, and couldn’t get his shoes on. He was put on an antihistamine and I gave it to him most of the time.

He started school at 5 years old, and it got worse, even with the antihistamine he would come home from school bleeding where he had scratched all day, but he never complained to the teacher. Again he ended up in hospital with high temperature and vomiting and had another lumbar puncture, his lips and face were very swollen, again it was diagnosed as a sore ear and throat, he got out of hospital on the Monday and was back in on the Friday as he would not stop vomiting, this was the first time he was ever referred to a Consultant Paediatrician.

Marc was then put on a diet, which consisted of meat, fruit and vegetables and no preservatives. For nearly a year and I kept a diary of everything he ate, at school he had to take the antihistamine every 4 hours and he also had an Anapen in case of anaphylactic shock.

[Marc was sent to an immunologist] in St James hospital in Dublin privately which cost 700.00 euro. Their diagnosis was a ‘highly sensitive immune system’ and they said he no longer needed the Anapen and there was nothing we could do to cure it.

This was my last visit to a Doctor.

In 2009, Marc was very bad with angioedema. His face would swell for days and his tongue used to have swellings underneath it; this effected his speech and he was very conscious of it. He also would have swellings in his penis where it was nearly inside out. The lumps appeared just about anywhere.

I took Marc to a woman with a cure, you could call her a faith healer, I told you about her before and she said Marc’s bowel was the problem, after this Marc improved a lot and only had swellings when he was sick e.g. Sore throat. Gradually after a while it became more frequent again. I was doing my programme with you at this time with you and I had thought of Marc being tested too, but I had to do all this for myself first.

[Today], Marc is absolutely thriving now and I see such a difference. It was very hard to think about starting Marc on the diet, as it is so restrictive; but, to be fair, he did want to do it. Taking the supplements was really difficult because he was at school and away in the morning at 9:00am and not back until 4:30pm. It was hard to fit it all in, and I didn’t like sending them to school with him, as there would be to many questions and Marc isn’t the most discreet person.

Thanks for all your help


Jacqueline D

tell you how pleased I am with the new supplement Platinum Plus

Dear Dr. Jantz

Just a quick note to tell you how pleased I am with the new supplement Platinum Plus. Since I have been taking it for approximately two months my adjustments have been holding better and longer. I no longer have any pain in the lower back area. I have resumed weight lifting and jogging with no adverse effects. Thank you for keeping up on all the latest ways to improve my quality of life.

T.J., R. Ph., P.D

the supplements recommended have restored my health

My name is Xen T, white male, 45 years, average height/weight, good health. I have suffered from back pain since ’80. Trouble at L-5,S-1; leading to a lamenectomy in May ’88.

I had no trouble for several years, in the last 3 to 4 years I have had to have treatment for pain in my upper back. I seemed to be receiving good treatment. In my last occurrence, which started in Dec., ’00, I became unable to sleep for any length of time due to the pain, and seemed to received no relief from treatment. It became so bad that I walked in to see a MD, and was sent to the ER where I was treated for a heart attack. I explained to all involved that I had been in this kind of pain before, and was not having a heart attack, but that I needed something to relieve the pain and allow me to sleep. So that my body would have a chance to heal itself. I ended up signing out against medical advice. At this time my temperature was 101, heartbeat 130, with severe pain.

I was referred to Dr. Jerry Wolf, by family, and his treatment of my problem in the last 3 weeks has relieved me of my back pain and allowed me to continue my normal routine. I can not say enough how much his listening and his treatment, have helped. His treatment, and the supplements recommended have restored my health. I am now able to think that there is hope that I will be able to continue on with his help, into the far future.

Thank you, Dr. Wolf,

Xen T

pain started going away and has not returned since…

In April of this year, one day I woke up with such severe back pain, I could hardly get up from the bed, chair, or even stand up. Even after taking Advil (extra strength), it did not alleviate the stabbing pain. I went to my old chiropractor and after an hour a day each week of being worked on, I was still in pain. This continued for many weeks and needless to say, was very scary. After approximately only 2 weeks on the Platinum Plus, The pain started going away and has not returned since.

Anyone that is afflicted with back pain should definitely take Platinum Plus!



It’s been a miracle for me really.

Dr. Vickery

I don’t know if you remember me but I started taking your product, the back pain package, about a year ago and am still doing great since. Its been a miracle for me really. I have been healthy long enough that I fell comfortable recommending your product to others. Frankly, I am interested in convincing and selling your product to others in my area. I am looking for a job that is rewarding, not just one to make money, which I am in now. I get such a great feeling explaining to people how the product works and how they can benefit from it, now I would like to find a way to make financial gain at it while helping people at the same time. To be honest anyone can combine similar products to achieve results that will greatly improve their disk problems. I believe though that your products are superior and I also believe in giving credit where credit is due. As far as I know you have come up with the combination and you deserve to benefit, so I don’t want to just come up with a similar product from a health food store to recommend. In short if at all possible I would like to distribute your product in my area… Again my degree is in physiology and have a in-depth knowledge of the human body. Coupled with that I have great selling capabilities and like my mama once said to me, “you could sell ice to the eskimos”, which is a great thing if your selling the right thing! Please write back if you are interested, hope to hear from you soon.


Jason M

…thank you for helping me get my life back.

I am writing this letter to thank you for helping me get my life back. I have suffered from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue for over ten years. I had given up hope of ever having a normal life or ever being healthy again. I knew I would never be a “whole individual” again.

Last year during an unusually painful episode where I had already been totally disabled for over a month, I was fortunate enough to meet you. You tested me and told me I was full of all kinds of infections and diseases and then told me not to worry. You put me on your MEVY diet, gave me Platinum Plus and your FM starter package and told me that I would feel better in a few days. I must admit my husband and I were very skeptical but the price of these items was nothing compared to the mountains of money we had already spent to try to stop my pain and give me some kind of life. Two days later I woke up and said, Hmmm, I think I will put some clothes on. (My pain was so severe before that I could not wear clothes) Then I went for a ride in the car. Then I decided to tidy up my house, and four days later I cleaned my home from top to bottom. I have been going “like Gangbusters” ever since.

I have been on Platinum Plus and the nutrition for about six months now. This summer has been wonderful. My husband and I are doing primitive camping in the mountains. I have been white water rafting twice. I drove across the country by myself to see my family. The freedom I have experienced this summer has been a prayer answered. I am keeping myself busy this winter by caring for my four-year-old grandson. I know it is difficult to believe in anyone or anything when we suffer from this horrendous connective tissue disorder (lupus). Many times in my life I wanted to call it quits. Thank God I didn’t.

I hope this letter will help encourage anyone who suffers from this disease (fibromyalgia) to try Dr. Vickery’s treatment. If your are like me It will give you your life back.


Patricia D

I think this is Nobel Prize winning stuff.

Dear Dr. Vickery,

You have my permission to put my email up on the web site and with my name on it. I want to stand up with the man that is changing the face of healthcare. I think this is Nobel Prize winning stuff. The message needs to get out. I can’t believe we haven’t seen this before now. It is so obvious. Sometimes the simplest things are the most profound.

I really enjoy your expressions; I swear I hear myself talking. When I went through school, I would often turn to my best friend at the time and say, “This is nothing but a vocational school. They approach their education as if they were preparing to become diesel mechanics. No one here wants to be a doctor and go to cause. They want the diploma and license so they can go open up a ‘stop and pop’.”

Your solution and analysis is at the heart of America’s sickness: two out of three people overweight, one half of those are obese, diabetes, insulin-resistance, chemical toxicity, metal toxicity, chronic fatigue, neurosis, psychosis, bacteria /yeast /mold /fungus /virus /parasite /cancer complex, etc. – affluent malnutrition and resultant protein deficiency is at the heart of it. Genius! And that is only the front end of it. Because the body is the temple of the spirit when people’s bodies are so off center and imbalanced then the mind, emotions, spirit, values, morals, and level of consciousness is altered! Lack of amino acids not only causes deteriorated anatomical structures and impaired physiology and pathology in the human body but projects into the deterioration and decay of society as well.

I’m placing my second order for six aminos and the first video tape tomorrow! I can't wait to get started.

May the angels be with you and may God make your voice 1000 times more powerful. Rocks are melting!

Warmest regards,

Dr. Ben Eversage

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Keep the faith.

Dr. Vickery,

I recently ran into your information on the web. I talked to you on the phone in 1994 or 1995 when you were selling your practice. I was just out of school and couldn’t put 2 nickels together but I admired your work and what you have built. I am 51, studied AK (100 hours); studied CRA; have a SpectraVision EDS; use acupuncture and believe it or not I was ready to give up chiropractic. I knew that I wasn’t getting it done. I didn't have a clue what the causative basis of my patient’s illnesses were. I knew I was dancing around the issue and couldn't see the forest for the trees.

“When the student is ready the teacher appears”. Thank you. I have ordered some of your product and it has changed the health of my wife and myself dramatically. Because I am healing and getting my energy and old vigor back I have the juice to give my patients. I am getting my patients on the amino acids. I am going to order your video tapes soon. And I would like to know when you are having seminars and if the information you cover is different than on the tapes. I want to master TVM. I respect your 50 plus years synthesizing all this cutting edge knowledge and I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. I just want to do what the master does. I’m eager to learn so let the download begin!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Keep the faith. You are being heard and your voice is not falling on deaf ears; rocks are melting. May God continue to inspire you with the Truth of Healing so you may spread the Light!

With love and deepest respect,

Dr. Ben Eversage, Fairfield, Iowa

Dr. Ben Eversage

It took me over a year to find your article. This information would have saved me so much wasted time, energy and money!!

Hi Dr. Vickery,

I recently read your article on protein deficiency and autism. You are 100% correct about the cause of autism; I finally was able to put all the pieces together! DAN! doctors focus on telling parents all about the different malfunctions that are offshoots of this problem, but they never go into digestion and protein deficiency as the root cause. All of the research I read focuses on things like micro glial activation and excess glutamate, methylation, etc.

Please, you have to get this information out to all parents and make it mainstream. It took me over a year to find your article. This information would have saved me so much wasted time, energy and money!! There are so many parents out there who struggle to help their autistic kids and waste money on expensive and unnecessary therapies like HBOT. The DAN! doctors seem to be in it for the money and focus on selling us their products, my son's doctor almost talked me into buying a $20K HBOT from him for my home, and then wanted us to use his hard HBOT at a cost of $5,000 a year! Parents need to know that there is an alternative and they don't have to be taken advantage of and spend all their hard earned money to heal their kids.

Thanks to your article, I can see what my biomedical approach is missing. My son is 3 years old; I have added enzymes and an amino acid blend to my supplement arsenal and am seeing the best results yet! Please get this information out. Not only does your approach work for autism, but also other autoimmune disorders as well, like Parkinson's, Lupus, MS, and Diabetes type 1. There are quite a few celebrities with ASD kids who are in the media, like Glenn Beck from Fox News. I know he does pieces on autism and I am sure he would broadcast this information! This would also help to market you products as well. This would make a huge difference in the lives of affected children.

A million thanks for your article!!

Kristie Q

I thank the Lord for the day He led me to your website…

Dear Dr. Vickery,

I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your wife. I could tell she was an amazing person from the times I spoke to her on the phone.

I thank the Lord for the day He led me to your website when I was in such a terrible condition, in so much pain, and felt like my life had been taken from me overnight. As I was searching the internet one night for answers, I came across your website. All of a sudden something very strange happened, that has never happened to me again, I felt the Holy Spirit come down all over me in such a strong sense and I began to weep as I knew He was saying “this is the way to your recovery walk in it.” I had no idea you were christians, and that has been and added confirmation and an immense blessing to know.

Thank you for your passion to see people well, to get to the root cause of illnesses, and for not giving up.

God bless you and comfort you in your time of need,


“Don’t leave home without them…”

As you recall, I started seeing you in March 1993 due to severe pains in my lower back. I had been advised by a physician to consider surgery but a friend of mine suggested that before I did that I should see a Doctor of Kinesiology. I had a 20 minute consultation with you which included a test and you gave me a samples of free form amino acids to take twice a day for 10 to 14 days after which time, you said, I would notice less pain and rehabilitation could start to build up muscle tissue in the back. It worked and I could not believe it. The pain had almost gone after 14 days and from then on I was hooked on the free form amino acids.

Cut to 1996 and I found myself sitting on an airplane on my way to Europe for a six week trip. When going through my mind checking all the necessary travel accompaniments, I realized that I had forgotten my amino acids. I made a decision right then to simply forget all about the amino acids. What else could I do? And after all, perhaps the “cure” was all in my head? And so I went on with my trip without the amino acid supplements.

Only two and a half weeks into the trip I received a very unpleasant reminder from my lower back. The old pain from years ago had begun to return. By the time my trip came to an end I was very anxious to get back home to my free form amino acids. After a while of again taking them daily the pain started to disappear; since this experience I have not gone anywhere out of town without my free form amino acids.

We all have to believe in what we put into our body and some of us just might need a supplement of nutrition to balance out what our body needs in total to remain healthy. In my case I needed a daily supplement of free form amino acids. And yes, they do work!

Hans B.

I’m so thankful for the pioneering work you continue to do to help so many people.

Dear Dr. Vickery,

I doubt you will remember me since you hear from so many people, but you said you’d like to hear back from me to let you know how I am doing. I’m excited to tell you that I am a new person. After suffering 18 years with FM and surviving breast cancer 9 years ago I feel like I have been resurrected from the dead. I am back to an active vibrant person. I am very thankful for you and for your wonderful products.

I was seeing Dr. Warren Levin in Vienna VA. What he and you discovered was that I had many toxic metals and infections in my body. Also leaky gut, candida, numerous food allergies, celiac disease and I had infections under my root canals. I also discovered that I had a misaligned dental bite that was contributing to my TMJ pain as well as neck, back and shoulder pain. I had a biological dentist realign my bite with appliances and will now have to have braces. My lower jaw was slowly moved forward into the correct place (over the course of 9 months) and my recent MRI has confirmed that my jaw joints are completely healed. My neck and shoulder pain is 90% better now. I was also seeing an osteopath after my jaw was moved forward. I’ve spent a fortune on my health this year and my insurance has paid very little because I was seeing Dr.’s that are not conventional.

I’m so thankful for the pioneering work you continue to do to help so many people. You are truly a blessing to so many.

Thanks again,

Nan P.

P.S. I’m also very impressed with your staff. When I called to place my order the lady was so helpful and very knowledgeable.

Nan P.

Thank you for your very kind words. Top

I started seeking answers in the mid–80’s…and finally, in 2009 I have my life back!

No, I have not yet had the time to assess all your products but fully intend to do so soon.

Over the years I have tried, probably, every supplement known to man; interestingly, even molybdenum (however, I only took it when going to ‘smelly’ locations such as a department stores, hair salons, etc., as the article I’d read indicated). I see Dr. Vickery’s Amino Acids as the ‘missing link.’ All the years I took all the products I took, they never really seemed to control my FM symptoms entirely; and, I continued to go up and down, seemingly, without explanation. I realize now that they never actually contained the building blocks they needed to heal me. They couldn’t do their jobs without those building blocks.

(During the time I was eating a ton of goji berries, I did have some relief (I’m assuming because of the amino acids they contain) - but eventually the sugar content got me. Sugar and carbs seem to slow me down and I still have multiple food allergies.)

In the month-plus, since taking your AAs, the difference has been ‘night and day.’

I still take many other supplements, including Juice Plus Fruits (not the greens since I’m allergic to garlic), a lot of magnesium, chlorella, spirulina, several types of enzymes, R-ALA, selenium, milk thistle, inversion therapy for my back, etc., so I’m not as concerned as a novice would be about what else I might be missing -- though it won’t hurt to check out your other products when my current supply starts to dwindle.

What is soooo strange is that, as I mentioned, I have taken almost everything known to man (including pH acid/alkaline balanced meals, etc.), and I found them all via the Internet. How then did I miss the one that seems to make the most sense of all??? Having been a vegetarian for more than 20 years, and even though I ate as much protein as possible, in retrospect it makes perfect sense it wasn't enough.

I still can’t get over it. Essentially, your product has saved my life. It was my last chance (since I believe I’ve tried everything else out there that is touted for FM). If your product hadn’t worked I probably would have resigned myself to living the rest of my life in slow motion, possibly on a couch most of the time.

Now I have more energy than I’ve had in more years than I wish to count. Suffice it to say, I started seeking answers in the mid–80’s, was diagnosed with FM in ’99 - and finally, in 2009 I have my life back!

I will never be able to thank you enough!!!

PS - I also have scoliosis, and in 1985 was told by a chiropractor that my ileocecal valve was malfunctioning - and he told me how to massage it to open it when necessary. Believe me, to read that in your literature, so many years later, blew my mind because it never occurred to me that it might all be related (and not solely a result of mono). If all my ills actually began from that cricked neck in ’85, as well as a lack of AAs over almost 40 years, you can imagine why I am so thankful. I can relate to almost everything on the checklist in Dr. Vickery’s article.

Inez R.


I used Brice Vickery's protocol for Fibromyalgia for about four years.

In that time I went from a wheel chair to a functioning happy person again. I was up to walking two hours a day as well as doing all sorts of other exercises. Unfortunately, I stopped the protocol for about four months and I am now laid up in bed with muscles spasms in my thighs and colon. I have just reordered the level one package again. IT WORKS

A. D'Erasmo

You have done for me more in 1 month than any so called doctor has done for me in 50 yrs.

Dr. Vickery,

I have just received month 2 of the FM protocol. Its been three weeks now that I have been pain free. I⁏m so proud of myself for sticking to your diet and will follow it very closely until the end. Every thing is going great except that every few days I still get bouts of chronic fatigue where it just seems worse then its ever been for a day or so. So I decided that when I placed my order this time I went with the sea[-aloe] gold package in hopes that it will increase the healing of the CF— And so this is why I’m writing to you hoping that you’ll agree with my decision and maybe suggest if there is something else I should be taking. One thing I did want to mention to you is that I seem to have a ph that always shows a high alkalinity state in the 8’s and wondered if there was anything that I could take that would balance the ph. (By the way, the tests were done on an energetic device known as the QXCI) But it always comes up pretty much the same as I text weekly. It also shows my hydration low and I am drinking a gallon of water a day and using the sea salt as recommended.

I can’t thank you enough for your dedication to providing the knowledge and products in REAL HEALING. You have done for me more in 1 month than any so called doctor has done for me in 50 yrs.

Awaiting your reply.


D Guglielmo

Dear Ms. Guglielmo:

That is a very good report. The down days are throwing off–and using energy to fight pathogens–then recharging. Don't worry about the pH as it is still very early. There are many doctors who think the pH is the ONLY thing. Our experieince is that FM and a host of other conditions may be either TOO ALKALINE OR TOO ACIDIC. Since about all doctors do not even KNOW about the amino acids problem they never wait for the metabolism to BALANCE! Most of the time the natural rerun to metabolic functions takes care of this nicely. Keep on!

P.S. Sea–Aloe Gold has powers that are still being revealed!


…my right ear became full hearing today!

Dear Dr. Vickery,

I forgot to tell you that my right ear became full hearing today! No more tinnitus! It sure has been worth it getting most of the formaldehyde off my person and bed and out of the house!

Thank you for the testing today,

S. King

You’re welcome! Top



T Walker

Thanks Tanya Top

Thank you so much and I have told everybody I know about this! Is it the vitamins or what?

I have been on the vitamins for about two weeks and am feeling better than I have felt in two years. Hypoglycemia has wrecked my life, but you have given me some hope of living a real life again! I hope it gets better than this! Thank you so much and I have told everybody I know about this! Is it the vitamins or what?

A Fabian

It is the Platinum Plus that makes your body finally able to utilize proteins, vitamins, minerals and fats!
Supernutrient Corp.

I just want to thank from the bottom of my heart…

Dear Dr Vickery,

I just want to thank from the bottom of my heart for all the dedication you have shown in your work. I am amazed and excited to read such detailed information,and was so overwhelmed to at last read something that actually knew exactly what is going on. I have felt like a hypochondriac for so long I’m scared to visit the doctor, it’s been a long road and am relieved that your work is here for all to see. The medical profession should hang their head in shame. This illness is so neglected, the despair and it brings makes living with it unbearable at times. I found so many of my symptoms in your list that i had no idea were related to fyb ah am not a fake it feels great ha ha. I just want to buy your stuff get better then help other sufferers

Thank god for your hard work and consistency, I love you.

God bless.

A Keenan

That is the first big victory – knowing that you are not a nut!!!!!! We love you too! In fact that is the only reason we are in the game – we found things (Platinum Plus—Sea–Aloe gold) too good to let the 20–30 years it takes for these things to catch on exclude thousands of people like you. God Bless! Top

Naturally he is continuing to take it.

My Dad, 92 years old, had a PSA test and it was 6.0. After 3 weeks of Sea Plant Minerals it is down to 4.9.

A bit of background info: He has a history of high PSA test from a couple of years ago, and at that time controlled it with a sea weed type supplement he got from a “health” store in Boca Raton called Barry’s Vitamins. Barry gave him a very expensive bottle of something with Barry’s label on it that described the contents as sea weed derived, and charged my dad $100 for a month’s supply. Dad took it for 6 weeks and in that time his PSA went from 8 to 4. He continued to take it until he tested at 2. Then Barry stopped carrying it and replaced it with something for twice the price. My dad said “forget about it” and stopped buying it.

Back to now: Recently he had another PSA test and it was 6.0.

I looked online for something that might connect PSA and sea minerals and googled a product called Vickery Sea Plant Minerals at Life-Enthusiast Co-op.

The cost of this product from Life-Enthusiast Co-op was $17.00 a bottle (a month’s supply). My dad ordered 3 bottles. After taking the product for 3 weeks, he went back to be tested again, and his test result was 4.9. In 3 weeks it went from 6.0 to 4.9.

Naturally he is continuing to take it.

My Life Has Changed…

Three months ago I felt as thought I would never feel well again. There was little quality in my life.I had been doctoring for many years. I felt I had run the gambit. I was doing all the things that were good for my body, yoga, massage work, cranial sacral sessions, eating organic food, drinking the best filtered water , and taking very good supplements that were to help my physical condition. This routine absolutely made my condition better but still I was suffering from depression, severe pain, fatigue, sleepless nights, digestive problems, and extremely low energy. The routine I implemented was helping me but I felt I was loosing the battle. If I lay down on the couch I would fall asleep. Anything I did caused pain, walking standing, sitting and lifting even 5 or 6 pounds. I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, arthritis, spinal stenosis, Hashimoto’s disease, degenerative disc disease, chronic bladder infections for which I had to be on antibiotics constantly, and I carried staph and strep infection in my body that put me in the hospital two times this past year and I became septic two years ago. This nearly took my life. In April of 2008, I contacted Dr Brice Vickery by email and one day a couple of weeks later, his assistant called me and we set up an appointment for a consultation with Dr Vickery.

After my consultation, Dr Vickery told me what he felt the problems were and told me what supplements he felt I should take. He also advised that I go on the Double Edged Sword Diet.

I assured him that I would do all that he recommended as I truly wanted to be well. So I ordered my supplements and after they came with the directions for the diet, I started Dr Vickery’s regime.

The first five weeks were very rough, I felt even worse, but Dr Vickery’s assistant, Eve, gave me support and I persevered and I believed in Dr Vickery, his reputation preceded him. At the end of the second month, I was feeling much better, and my consultation confirmed I was absolutely much better. I continued on the third month with the directions Dr Vickery gave me and continued taking the supplements he recommended, and now my pain is remarkably decreased, the depression is better, fatigue has left me, my energy increased, the dicomfort in my stomach is gone and my digestion is good.

Dr Vickery is an amazing and wonderful doctor and he has changed my life.

Now I can truly enjoy each day.

Thank you Dr Vickery.

S Loeper


Thank you so much for doing the research and being able to actually CURE fibromyalgia instead of just masking the many horrible symptoms. I have had fibromyalgia for about 5 years but wasn’t diagnosed until about a year ago. There were times through these years that I would wake up and not be able to walk. I would go to the doctors and they would do various test and most of the time I would hear that my legs were overworked and I was just getting older. One doctor even wanted to perform surgery on my legs to remove a fluid filled cyst. Luckily I didn’t have the procedure done. When I finally found that I have a condition called fibromyalgia, I tried the different meds for sleep, anxiety/depression, pain and nothing helped. In fact, it made me feel worse and I felt so incredibly old although I am only 37. My wife had been hunting fibromyalgia information and by chance found this website linking sugar/yeast to fibromyalgia. We decided to try it. It definitely couldn’t hurt me anymore that I already was hurting. The very first week on the program I was in horrible pain. As a matter of fact, I ended up in the emergency room 5 days into the program. I was in such a state that the doctors put me on a morphine drip and begin running tests. They found nothing and said I must have had a virus that with my fibro was compounded. I later realized that I was detoxing very quickly. The day after to emergency room visit I felt fine, imagine that. One day I literally think I’m dying and the very next day I am out running errands all over town. Everyday I continued to get better. I am at the end of my 3 months cycle now. I have no more heavy metals in my body. I feel really good. I haven’t woken up in pain for 3 months now. I haven’t seen any doctors. This program is so amazing in many ways. When I first started I was only trying to control the pain. Not only did I exceed that expectation, but now I am able to sleep at night, I don’t have headaches anymore, and I haven’t taken an antacid for heartburn in 3 months. I used to go to the doctor for allergies at least twice a month, I haven’t had a single allergy problem in 3 months. This program not only changed my pain level, but I feel as though my body has restored itself to its original levels. I never knew just diet and vitamins could do all that. I was also very impressed that Dr. Vickery could check all of these levels over the phone. I own my own business and time is of greatest importance to me. So the fact that I could “be seen” over the phone was wonderful.

Thank you Dr. Vickery for all that you have done for me and all fibro sufferers.

Fabian B

The Road from Pain To Gain : Part 2

I also want to tell you of my benefit of my experience with the Vickery protocol to help you understand what you might expect. Everyone is different and may not experience the same things I did.

  1. Learn to listen to what your body is telling you. It will let you know if you are too far off the path. For instance, once you are a the point where you are experiencing remission of symptoms and are experimenting with adding foods back into your diet. For me every time I would try artificial sweeteners, I would get symptoms of anxiety, fatigue, sleeplessness, stinging and burning in my fingers and memory and concentration problems. These were sure signs for me that I had eaten something that I should not have, perhaps as long as three days previous. Sometimes a small amount of a food will be OK but a larger amount will produce reactions. Sometimes you will not be able to eat a food two or three days in a row without experiences a “flare” of your symptoms. You must learn to be a food detective. The same rule applies to medications and over–the–counter drugs. Be suspect of everything that goes into your body as well as the chemicals and substances your body comes with which your body comes in contact.
  2. Monitor stress: physical, mental, spiritual, emotional. Fibro patients have a nervous system that runs wide open and everything affects us more dramatically than other people. Make sure you guard your rest and quiet time. You will be able to do everything you used to in time as you heal, but you will always have to guard against overdoing. You will have to learn to balance your life, everything in moderation.
  3. As you heal you may experience reversals. Your body, as it heals naturally, will go through temporary reversals where a former illness will finally work itself out of your system by returning for a short time. You will go through a process like peeling an onion, layer by layer, illness by illness. So expect this, be on the alert for this. After each episode occurs you will experience a period of energy and activity, just don’t overdo it! As time goes on the bad episode will get further and further apart and the better days will be in longer succession.
  4. You may also pass some pretty scary looking things out of your body. Very sick people harbor pretty sick things inside of them. Things like parasites and other things that you would not believe unless you experienced them first hand. I have told Dr. Vickery though, he has heard it all, he is very understanding.
  5. 5. As time goes by and you begin to feel really well you will think, “I do not really need these supplements and I can really eat anything I want”, and you will probably ̺sin’ and try it. I can tell you you will be sorry because you will start to relapse and once you have experienced remission from pain you will not be very accepting of its return. Sorry to say you will always have to contend with your fibro. I can tell you Dr. Vickery’s plan is the only one that works with real success.
  6. You most likely will experience a lot of other changes in your life including emotional and spiritual as well as physical, it is all connected. As your body heals other parts of your life will heal as well. Sometimes this path to healing is painful, but it will make you stronger and hopefully you will let it bring you closer to God so that you will heal emotionally and spiritually. Sick people are not only sick physically; other parts of their lives have become infected also, including their relationships. Sometimes the relationship you had when you were sick and weak will not survive when you become strong and healthy.
  7. I would advise you to keep a journal of this journey. Keep track of what you eat, keep track of taking your supplements. Do this religiously. Also keep track of what you feel and how your days go, your energy levels. This way you can monitor your progress and perhaps you can pinpoint some things that are hindering you. I also kept another journal where I poured out my emotional and spiritual issues. Writing things down somehow helps to make the thoughts real. It helps get them out, sometimes that is where they need to be. Let them out onto paper and not back into our minds and souls.
  8. Be positive, keep looking forward to better days ahead. Soon you will have more good days than bad, but a lot of it requires determination, hard work and believing and striving to get better. You will have set–backs, times when you think nothing is happening and times when you think you cannot be or do more than you are at the moment. That’s OK, but keep pushing forward even if it only seems like an inch at a time or like you are walking in molasses. Push past the pain and the fog in your mind and envision better days ahead.
  9. Most of all, draw close to God. Pray to Him, talk to Him, He understands. Praise Him, there is healing in praising and worshipping God. Do this even when you don’t feel like it, especially then. Every time it hurts, praise Him. Ask Him to pick you up and carry you and He will. Soon you will be doing things you haven’t been able to so in a long time. You will come through this more than a conqueror. “He who is within you is greater than he who is within the world” (1 John 4:4). I do not think it is God’s will for His children to be sick. Come against your sickness, cut it off in the name of Jesus, He has given you the keys to His Kingdom to loose Satan’s grip on your health, to give you peace of mind and to bind you to Jesus’ healing stripes of the Cross. This is happening daily as you pray in Jesus’ name. Speak your future into existence, speak out your faith, there is power in the Word. Speak out your faith believing that you are getting better and better every day, even if you don’t feel like the feelings and healing will follow. Obedience first then understanding follows. Change your beliefs and your world will change. God’s kingdom is upside down from the world’s kingdom.

My Daily Prayer for Healing

Father,I know You are with me in this situation because You love me and care about me. Father I know that You are in control of my life and that You know all about what is happening to me, You know my circumstances. You are all powerful and you can limit the intensity of the pain if You choose to. I know that You can take this situation and turn it into good for You have promised to work everything for the good for those who love You. You have stored up goodness for us and established a throne in heaven and You are a sovereign God. I know that You have not forgotten me and You are working on my behalf. Father, I will focus on You and trust You to lift me out of this grave of pain and discouragement. I anticipate it, I am willing to believe that You have the power to change my desires, attitudes and circumstances. Because You are ready, willing and able to do so, I will see good in the land of the living. Father, I am looking forward to see how You turn this for the good. I will praise You among men and give You the glory.

Thank You father for hearing me and loving me In Jesus’ name I ask these favors


B. Ellen

The Path of Pain to Gain: Part 1

My name is Beth Ellen, a fibromyalgia patient of Dr. Vickery’s for over five years. After many requests on his part, I want to tell my story. He is right, who better than someone who shares your pain, who understands the path you are walking. I want to bring you more than empathy, I want you to know that there is hope. There is much more than that. There is life; there is life without pain, life where there is joy, laughter and freedom. I want to tell you that at one time I wanted to die, that I never envisioned having a normal life. The good Lord knew differently, but first, I had to totally lose my life to gain it back again. With God’s help and a gifted doctor named Brice Vickery, my path of pain has come full circle and now I can walk with you and tell you my story of redemption, of rebirth, of beauty from the ashes of pain. This story is to bring hope to you.

When I was 6 months old, I nearly died from a bowel blockage and I suffered all my life from irritable bowel. As I entered grade school I experienced terrible leg cramps and spasms, at times I could not get my legs straightened out unless I moved them with my hands. I was one of seven children and in those days we didn’t go to the doctor unless we were half dead. My mother just passed all this off to growing pains and simple childhood illness.

As I neared adolescence, I began to experience attacks of bowel spasms that ended in such pain that I passed out. This progressed until in the ninth grade, I was finally taken to the doctor and was prescribed Librium. Needless to say, growing up was miserable. I came from a very dysfunctional family and suffered abuse at the hands of my parents. Looking back now, I see that even then I had the beginnings of fibromyalgia and, as you know, stress is an emotional trigger that makes it worse. Unfortunately, I married a dysfunctional person and my FM symptoms increased and became more frequent. You must remember, this was thirty years ago and fibromyalgia was not even a diagnosis back then.

We all know the story, different doctors, different diagnoses and as the years progress you get sicker and sicker, losing more and more of life, your family and friends think you are a hypochondriac. So, you go through test after test, pills and more pills, physical therapy. Everyone thinks you are off the deep end when you are willing to try just about anything if it offers the hope of getting better: herbs, massage therapy, bowel cleansers, magnets, yeast diets, amalgam removal. Believe me, I tried it ALL.

I just kept getting worse and the illness would last for longer periods of time. Finally I hit rock bottom and could not get up. I went into a crisis that I didn’t think I would survive. Everything about me was sick and broken. I was sick mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. I was in extreme pain, exhausted, walking in molasses. I lost my memory. My digestive system didn’t work. I had extreme stomach pain, nausea, and diarrhea. Infections attacked me. I had one abscessed tooth after another, so bad that I needed valium to get dental work done.

Still, things got worse. I had to quit work. I could not drive. Even dressing myself was difficult. I still remember looking in the closet, unable to pick out anything to wear. I would be too tired to go back to the bed so I would just lie down on the floor.

In the stores, I would use a shopping cart to hold myself up and carry my purse, carrying a purse was impossible. Most of the time I left the store and went to go get sick in the car. Finally, I gave up. I just didn’t want to live anymore if I had to live like this. My mind kept going around and around, “I am not happy. I am not happy” At one point, I remember thinking I was pushing myself up off the bed when in reality I was lying flat on my face. I gave up and just stayed in bed for the next three months, living on sleeping and pain pills.

Then my doctors took away the pills and at that point I contemplated suicide. I remember thinking I could just take all the pills I had left at one time and get it over with. Thankfully, I was too tired to even do that!

By now you are probably wondering who was taking care of me? Well, I was so out of it that that thought never occurred to me. Where was my husband? I never asked myself that question until I had a dream, a vision really. That was when I realized that there was a divine presence at work in my life. I was like everyone else; I believed that there was a God - BUT I DID NOT KNOW HIM.

In this vision I saw myself dead and in a casket. I was above all this watching and listening. My husband was there, crying, broken, lying over my body, telling me he did not realize that I was sick, sick enough to die. He told me he did not really know me, what I would have wanted, what kind of flowers I liked or what my favorite color was. When I woke up from this, it became crystal clear that something was wrong. He was not here, not helping me, not sleeping in the same bed; we were no more than roommates sharing the same house.

For some reason this brought me back to reality and I knew that I had to do something. Something deep inside me rose up and wanted to survive. I did not want to die in that bed alone and have someone find me like that. I wanted to live, to fight.

I changed to a holistic doctor. He listened to me for 2½ hours. He told me, “I believe you have one thing that is causing all your problems, fibromyalgia.” So, finally I had a name for this craziness and I was not crazy like my husband and other doctors had told me. However, he also told me that I would always be this way, I would probably get worse and may end up in a wheel chair!

I decided that this was not for me and I started researching on the Internet and found Dr. Vickery’s site. However it was not until six months later and I had tried my doctor’s recommendations of Guafenisin treatments, which didn’t help. So I thought maybe I should try Dr. Vickery’s program, my husband said, “Well, you’ve tried everything else, what do you have to lose?” I called and spoke with Dr. Vickery he told me that fibromyalgia was not the worst thing that could happen to me even though mine was bad, so bad that he said he had only one other patient in my condition. But, he gave me hope. He told me that in eight to ten months, I would be better. So, I did what he told me to do. It was not easy, but I wanted desperately to get better. I knew if I didn’t get better that my marriage was not going to survive this, strangely enough I knew that Dr. Vickery knew this without me even telling him. In one of our conversations he told me that most men with wives as sick as me will get a divorce, I told him, “Never, not mine, never,” but I knew that this was a prophetic warning from God.

In three months time I was making progress, by six moths I knew that I was going to get well, but I was afraid to say this for fear that my husband would start pushing me to get well, making me do more than I could handle, and I would relapse.

Unfortunate by this time he was slipping into a crisis, as I was getting out of mine. Now, you say things could not get worse than they had been, but they did. My husband had suffered from anxiety for years and had been on Zoloft for about ten years. His doctor decided to change his medication and as they upped the dosage of the new anti-depressant he became strangely, having violent mood swings. I called his doctor and told him of the developments. Apparently my husband was in rapidly cycling manic-depressive episodes! Unbeknownst to either of us he was bipolar, and this particular medication is not to be given to bipolar patients.

Needless to say my husband and I had serious problems, and one day he left me. I was defenseless, helpless. “Devastating” is an understatement for this abandonment. He had been my whole life, I worshipped him, loved him, I was his wife for 25 years, he was my everything. You say, “Oh, no!” but this is where it gets good. This had all happened because it brought me to where God needed me to be in order to show me that He was God and that I needed Him. That night, in the, alone, I begged and pleaded with God to help me.

The next day I was filled with a peace and joy that I had never experienced. Somehow, when everything in my life was falling apart, He held me together. I got stronger. The worse I got, the better I became.

As much as I wanted God to work out my marriage, my husband divorced me and God finally showed me that the man was destroying me.

I decided not to get a divorce lawyer, I trusted God to take care of me, and He did. He provided for me in a miraculous way until I was better and could stand on my own. While I was unable to work, God allowed me to buy another home, I recently opened my own business, and yes, there is a wonderful new man in my life. I have everything I lost and more. God has redeemed me mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

I can’t tell you it was easy, I can’t tell you it was painless but I can tell you it was worth it. And I can tell you that my God is big enough and strong enough to carry you too.

That is why I had to walk this path of pain, to bring this story of God’s love to you. Part of my path to healing is to help others find their path and help them along it.

I am thankful and grateful that all this happened to me because this was God’s will for me. Be sure, dear one, whoever you are, wherever you are, and no matter how bad it is right now, I promise you that you are on this path for a reason. You are reading this story at this moment for a reason. Be sure that what I am telling you is from God, not me. He just works through His people.

Listen to Dr. Vickery; he is one of God’s people.

Follow his plan faithfully, and you will get well

Thank you for letting me share this with you.

May the Lord Bless you

B Ellen


I received a graduate degree in nutrition, pursued a fellowship in pediatric nutrition and completed a 1 1/2 year internship to become a “Registered Dietitian.”

Since the age of 12, I ate the “suggested perfect diet” as recommended by the U.S.D.A. , Dept. of Health and Human Services, American Dietetic Assn., American Heart Assn., Ameican Medical Assn. etc. ( ie: 55-60% carbohydrate, <30% fat, cholesterol <300mg.) These organizations did the research. I trusted them.

Perfect diet, rest, exercise…I was a perfectionist!

At the age of 28, I was diagnosed with diabetes. I was 20 pounds overweight, despite the fact that I counted my calories, ate the right amounts and ran track on the college team. My cholesterol level was 360 with consistent high triglycerides. Fibromyalgia and severe chronic fatigue syndrome presented.

I was put on ‘oral hypoglycemic agents’ for the diabetes, antidepressants for the chronic fatigue, pain medications for the fibromyalgia, and thyroid medications (despite a normal thyroid level).

I got worse. Feeling poorly, I had to quit school and work.

I thought… “how could this happen to me? I have no family history of any of these diagnosis. I should be a ‘picture of health’”!

I became bedridden for over 2 years, moving in with my mother.

I visited physicians and integrative practitioners throughout the country who worked with chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia/diabetes spending large sums of money on education, therapies, supplements and medications finding no relief.

I began studying/reading on my own about “syndrome X,” eating for my blood type, Atkins, “the natural diets,” etc., etc…(many of the books not recommended by the organization to which I belonged — the ADA.)

I cut my carbohydrates to 15 grams per meal…eating only natural, whole carbohydrates. I ate unlimited fats and protein. This was opposite what “our country’s government agencies” recommended, and I felt uneasy beginning this plan. I used my glucometer 6 times a day, watching the glycemic effects of my food intake.

In 2 months my blood sugars were normal. I went off my hypoglycemic agents, despite my physicians encouragement to continue them.

The extra weight vanished, although my caloric intake had tripled. In 8 months my cholesterol and triglyceride levels were normal.

I continued the diet and continued with normal glucose levels, lipid levels and weight…but the fibrmyalgia and fatigue continued.

I tried essential fats, herbs, homeopathy, yoga, mediation, acupuncture,chiropractic, reiki, supplements…you name it…all administered by experienced practitioners.

Nothing helped. I learned to accept the chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia — going back to work despite feeling poorly…as a Registered Dietitian in a hospital outpatient program.

I taught low carbohydrate diets with lots of healthy fats. This was not what I was “supposed to be” teaching as a Registered Dietitian.

Everyone who followed the plan resolved their issues with weight, hyperglycemia, and hyperlipidemia(I kept records to prove it). Most had never been instructed on a diet plan, despite years of diabetes treated only with medication. Many diabetics came to me drinking large amounts of fruit juice and eating large bowls of refined cereals and fruit each morning thinking it was good for them…they had never been instructed otherwise…and saw the “TV commercials!”

I encouraged people to follow diet plans and taught them about herbs and homeopathy in attempts to come off of medications, often referring them to specialists in these fields. This angered physicians, whose focus was medicine. I reviewed with my patients the nutritional side effects of these medications…giving them only the facts as listed in the P.D.R. This further angered the physicians (Many were taking up to 20 medications — “;A pill to counteract the side effects of the prior pill” — and very few even knew what they were taking and the reason for it!)

I was fired for encouraging and educating people that there are alternative choices for healing , other than “medicine” — e.g.: medications.

I was fired for teaching the nutritional side effects of the medications as found in the PDR (physicians desk reference).

I was fired for not teaching the low fat, low cholesterol, high carbohydrate diet plans. I could not, I felt it would not help my patients.

I was fired despite the fact that there was a 2 month waiting list for a consultation with me — and everyone that followed my recommendations improved.

4 months ago, I considered moving to Aiken, SC and was searching the area on the computer. I saw the product “Platinum Plus” and thought “what the heck…it’s certainly a product I have not tried.” I tried it.

I was very sick for about a month and could not get out of bed, but I continued taking it. Then the “mind fog” lifted…fatigue gone…fibromyaliga disappeared. It was a miracle. I had not felt this good since I was 28!

Since then, I have chosen to begin my own nutrition practice, focusing on my experience and education to help others. I hope to study more about how your product “Platinum Plus” works.

I hope to teach people to “read through the lines” about any health information given to them.

Many are out there using you and your health problems for their own financial gain…BEWARE…it may come from the places you would least expect it!

Most of all, I would like to thank you and your company Dr. Vickery…and send my love…

Your product is certainly a gift from God.

K Rodriguez

Your program changed my life and made it so much better…

My name is Beth Slick. First I just want to say thank you again. Your program changed my life and made it so much better. 2 1/2 years ago I was crippled from Fibromyalgia. It began 14 1/2 years ago after I had my daughter. After each of my sons were born it just kept getting worse. I tried so many different meds and nothing worked. They even thought I had bipolar, and severe recurrent depression!! I was on meds for those disorders for about 2 years. I couldn’t work, I tried to on several occasions. In August of 2002 I was at a very low point in my life. I sleeping about 18 hours a day, on about 10 different meds and couldn’t do much with my kids. It either hurt too much or I was too tired. I was always depressed and often angry. Before I got fibromyalgia I was a very active and happy person. So I said to myself there has to be something on the web for this condition. It can't hurt to look and nothing could make me feel worse.

So I logged on and put in the word “fibromyalgia cure” and it sent me to your website. I read what you had written. Looked up what you had said about the amino acids and found it was all true and made so much sense!!! There was finally a definitive answer that made sense. I looked at the cost and said well it’s a lot less than the meds I was on (about $600 a month) and it couldn’t hurt since it was stuff the body required anyway. So I ordered it and began on September 1, 2002.

That first month was HORRIBLE, it hurt and made me sick. But I refused to give up because there was such hope that this would work where nothing else had. That’s how depserate I was. And how it worked!!! By October 31 I was able to go trick or treating w/my kids and not be so tired, in pain, and weak that I would be bed ridden for a whole week. Each day I felt better, each week I could do a little more. By January 1 was at a school signing up for their April classes!

I completed the classes and by February 6, 2004 I was working full time at a family practice and loving it!! I now work 4 10 hour days and have a full and wonderful life. Thanks to you I am able to have a job I absolutely love, I can do things with my kids, and live a full life. I still have a few flair ups every now and then due to over stressing myself at work, but it is easily taken care of. I just take an extra dose of amino acids and the flax and borage oil and I am fine. The flair ups are no where near what the fibromyalgia used to be!!! I tell everyone that I see about your wonderful program and how it helped me!!!

Thank you again,

B Slick

Thank you so much for the quick reply…

Thank you so much for the quick reply.

I would also like to thank you for the best birthday present ever. My friends and family kept asking me what I wanted for my birthday (today) and I kept saying, I just want to be well…I would like to be free of pain… I would like my life back!!! That was all I wanted… And you Dr. Vickery gave that gift to me!!!! I am depression and anxiety free!!!! I have clarity where there was only fog… Headache/migraine free!!! My neck and shoulders, hips, elbows, arms…legs…pain free!!! My energy has improved so much…I am beginning to live again…and I am getting 6–7 hours of sleep a night!!!

Thank you!!!

PS — I just came back from a nice evening walk with my 15 year old daughter…something I haven’t been able to do for years and years!!!!


I wanted to let you know that my Cholesteral has dropped from 240 to 197…

I ordered through your website the 120 cap size of platinum plus, (on sale), the 250 cap size of flax/borage (on sale), the 180 tablet size of bio–B 100 and the 90 tablet size of bio–multi plus vitamins.

I am almost out of everything and do not want to relapse! Also, I wanted to let you know that my Cholesteral has dropped from 240 to 197 and my HDL and LDL are within normal limits now! I have lost another 10 pounds and I still feel like an eleven on a scale of 1 to 10! I have even considered starting a jogging program in the spring and I have not done that in over 6 years! Thank you so much for inventing the Platinum Plus and putting together the Fibro Package. I share your website and the nutrient information with everyone I know!

Again, thanks.

C Keeney

Supernutrients minimized effects of car accident…

I was recently involved in a motor vehicle accident that totalled my car. I had been on the fibromyalgia cure intensive program for ten days. Except for a sprain involving one of the tendons in my hand, I was able to function and return to work only missing one day and I only needed to take the pain medicine and muscle relaxer the first two nights afterward. My hand, at almost three weeks, is almost 80% full use. That is impressive since it typically takes tendons even longer to heal than it takes bones! I believe that the damage done was repaired in such an efficient way because of this nutrition program. My thanks to you, Dr. Vickery for your tenacity in this endeavor and for making it available to the people who really need some help, some of whom have been unfortunately tossed aside in the world of traditional medicine. Blessings to all of you who are involved in healing the world.

Keep up The Good Work.

Borremans RN


Last fall, when my husband (aged 83) went for his regular eye checkup, his opthalmologist discovered what he thought might be the beginning of macular degeneration. Not a good prospect for a man who is also extremely hearing impaired!

We next visited an opthalmic surgeon for a second opinion. He told us that it was not macular degeneration (whew!), but that a vein in the back of the eye was leaking fluid into the eye, interfering with vision. He suggested laser treatment to seal the leaks. This was done, and we were told to return in two months, as he preferred to do too little laser, rather than too much, at one time.

When we returned in two months, he said that the vein was still leaking and that more laser would be required. He also suggested that, although he personally did not really believe in taking supplements, he had heard of a special preparation that might help the condition. I told him that I would like to check with our nutritional counselor before adding a new supplement, and that I would get back to him about it. Meanwhile, we had a new laser appointment in two weeks.

On returning home I called Dr. Vickery and told him about the problem. We were in luck in that there had just been a cancellation and we were able to get an appointment immediately. During that appointment my husband was diagnosed with triple infections of both eyes, which were coxsakie and herpes zoster viruses and a staph bacteria. These were also found to have caused some liver damage, arthritis and the neuropathy in the feet.

He also had considerable levels of aluminum and lead in the eyes and elsewhere. Dr. Vickery recommended that he increase his Platinum Plus amino acids to 6/day and start Vickery Essential Fatty acids 4/day, take additional vitamin C/3000 mg., and added Beta Plus, as well supplementing salt. This was on 2/18/2002.

We started on the new supplement regime, and I remember thinking, “Gee, it’s too bad we are returning to the eye surgeon so soon. There isn’t time in 10 days for any changes to show up!” Boy, was I wrong!

We entered the surgeon’s office 10 days later, and after preliminary testing were ushered into his office. With him was another, younger doctor to whom he introduced us, saying that he was there to watch the laser procedure. He then looked into my husband’s eye for a minute, then backed away with a startled statement on his face. He said, “I have never seen such improvement in such a short period of time!” He then went on to say that there was no longer any need for the laser treatment, and that we should return only for a check up in three months.

I should add that we were all so stunned by this that he didn’t ask me if we had done anything special, and I didn’t tell him. But I will!

The end of the story is that my husband’s vision is back to normal. And, as a little side benefit, when he went to his foot doctor, (he has neuropathy, which causes callusing and lesions on his feet) he was told that his feet had never looked better. So much so that his doctor called her partner in to show him the improvement in the skin condition. Those Platinum Plus supplements are the greatest!


V Bucklin

After months of complete relief, my wife’s fibromyalgia…are gone…

After months of complete relief, my wife’s fibromyalgia and ALL of her other symptoms(sleeping disorder,depression,back & front pains,lack of appetite,etc. etc.) are gone & she now needs only one(1) Platinum Plus a day plus ALL the other vitamins & minerals required by you in the program.

We can’t thank you enough for this fantastic remedy of Aminoacids, MSM & Molibdenum in Platinum Plus, which is a great complete formula, that only took 3 days in April 2001, and Rosie started to improve after a whole year of suffering (both of us),from this terrible disease; In seeing 23 MD’s, 2 ER’s & 1 Hospitalization, we were so frustrated & stunned at the lack of knowledge, diagnosis (only 3 mentioned a relationship between Myofascia Pain Syndrome & Fibromyalgia) and dedication to find a solution versus just eliminating the pains (Oxicontin, Vicodin,etc), the sleeping disorder(Ambien) and depression(Paxil), costing the Insurance Co. & us, thousands upon thousands of dollars (Oxicontin was over $130 in co–payments). We have told many friends & co–workers (Solar, Fattore,etc) who have ordered & taken Platinum Plus with very positive results(some Fibromyalgia, others back pain in disk degeneration, etc.)

We’ll be ordering 2 more bottles of the Platinum Plus by next week. Hoping the very best to you and wife in these holiday season, Rosie & I, thank you very much for all your courtesies in responding to our e–mails, but most of all, being a human being & a Doctor, capable of honoring the work of Hippocrates (Ca.460–377 BC), in healing the cause, NOT the problem of a disease.

God bless you always,

R & R O’Ryan

I have wanted to write you both for a long time…

I have wanted to write you both for a long time… to describe exactly how you have helped me with your formula for amino acids (Platinum Plus) and other advice. Letters like this can sound so forced and trite. This will simply be a personal letter which you can edit and use in any way which would be helpful to others. I know you are truly good people, tremendously knowledgeable and intuitive, and have been blessed with creating an amino acids formula which has helped me to a level of health which I have not experienced before in all the years I have been clinically depressed. I’m 54, a wife, mother and lawyer with all I could wish for. About 15 years ago I was diagnosed w/ a classic depression illness. I have consistently taken medication through the years and tried numerous times to stop the medication, Each time the result was a plummeting in my depression, a physical leadeness, a sadness & hopelessness, something akin to trudging through two feet of treacle (molasses). I have been blessed to have known and been treated by Gunilla Norris for the past 19 years. Years ago Gunilla suggested that I call you. The reason is that even with medication and the improved health and well being it brings to me (and to the family!) I still have had a persistent low grade depression which nothing has been able to touch.

I finally called you. If it were not for the implicit trust I have in Gunilla’s advice, I would not have called. I’ve heard of medical intuitives and have a strong sense that alternative medicine by Naturopaths, homeopaths, acupuncturists, etc. has been more helpful to me in maintaining health and preventing illness, than traditional medicine by M.D.’s who simply diagnose after the fact. But intuitive medicine? Thank you God for helping me to suspend disbelief and contact you!

For 22 months I have felt the best I have in my life! I don’t feel that continuous low grade depression which was a physical lethargy and leadening of the body, and a sinking feeling of sadness (though certainly much better than before antidepressants). You recommended the aminos 24 months ago and I took them continuously until late winter, 2000. Then I went to my psychiatrist here in Greenwich and told him I feel very depressed. He questioned me closely and then said that I had to call you again. I had been out of aminos for 2 months. He said in psychiatry one looks for change. Nothing in my life had changed EXCEPT I wasn’t taking aminos. Since I began again I have felt great again!

You are a true and gifted medical altruist. You don’t charge for your appointments with us. There is certainly little profit financially with the products you’ve developed. Your dear wife told me you would sell the business if there was a company that would operate it without hiking the prices. (How about the Woman’s Medical Cooperative out West?) Quantum mechanics. How difficult it is to understand. You were shocked to find your diagnoses were accurate long distance with Mrs. Vickery as surrogate. This will all become clear and generally accepted in the future. You of course are pioneers and I am, through the grace of God, part of the cutting edge of medicine through you. Please use this, with my name, city and town, in any way which might help others. I am so grateful and send love and blessings to you both.

S Nielsen

Thanks to you, I am feeling better…

Thanks to you, I am feeling better. Pain reduced only once last week, and in depression improved. I am ready to order the 2nd & 3rd month supply now, my question is, do I get 2 months supply this time?

Thank you for taking time to talk to me, you don’t know how much it means to me. God bless you and Mrs. Vickery!


I am a 71-year-old woman who…has suffered from fibromyalgia…

I am a 71–year–old woman who for most of my adult life (50yrs.) has suffered from fibromyalgia. Having gone to more doctors than I can remember, & being diagnosed with everything from rheumatism, to osteoarthrities, lunbago, migraine headaches and recently, just stress. I guess, because the doctors just didn’t have any more names for my illnesses. In 1997 I was fortunate to run into a rhumatologist who diagnosed my symptoms as fibromyalgia. Well finally I had a name for my disease, but still no help. His prescription was to take antidepressants. After walking around like a zombie for a few months and not being able to think clearly, I quit taking them. I think to, because I was scared, my strength was leaving me also. I had a terrible pain in my leg, which an MRI told a neurologist he may have to operate. I wasn’t buying that story either. I finally found a caring chiropractor, Dr. Dan. Such a caring person he is. He worked with me for months and got me to walk again, with a whole lot less pain. One day he saw your ad for a seminar, for fibro & other diseases. He attended the seminar and came back with a world of hope for me. I immediately bought the Platinum Plus, took it religiously, and in five days my all over body pain was all but gone. I also take the bio–available vitamins that go with the fibro kit you recommend. I’ve had terrible digestive problems all my life. I had given up many foods for years; so many I knew triggered migraine headaches for me. After only 5 weeks on the fibro kit I find I can have an occasional cup of coffee, a hot dog, a piece of chocolate, and I don’t get migraines anymore. I sleep better at least 5 hours straight, opposed to the 3 hours I use to get. Very little horrible fatigue – more energy every day. My legs and ankles aren’t so swollen anymore, and no more leg cramps. I have had so many bladder infections, and many antibiotics, which I now know, did me more harm than good. I was always looking for something that might help me. Thanks to you Dr. Vickery my search is now over. I will forever be grateful to your wonderful product Platinum Plus. I only wish my mother had been able to experience your wonderful products. She sure could have benefited from your Osteoporosis Kit. She suffered many, many years. When I would ask her “how you doing today, ma?” she would always answer “tomorrow will be better.” Her tomorrows never got better, but I know mine will be.

Thank you again Dr. Vickery

E. Newman

For the last 12 years I have been going to doctors to no avail&hellip

For the last 12 years I have been going to doctors to no avail. Every time I told a doctor my symptoms (which were many), he concluded after running blood tests that all that was wrong with me was stress. Go home and rest was the best advice they could give me. In September of 1998 I was diagnose with Fibromylaja[sic] and given an anti–depressant prescription and sent home saying there was nothing they could do for me, I would be fine was the answer. After taking the pills for about six months with no real help I discontinued taking them and set out to fine an alternative way of dealing with my Fibromylaja[sic]. With the help of my brother he was able to pull a lot of information off the Internet from people in similar circumstances. My mother is also a sufferer of FM so we were very happy to get any information that we could. In the mean time my chronic fatigue was getting worse. There were days when I didn’t even know how I made it though work. I am only a 49yr old woman who was really beginning to wonder how long I would be able to work or function like a normal person. I was slowly getting sicker and not realizing how bad. In December 1999 I had a car accident and my mother encouraged me to go see her chiropractor, Dr. Dan Judge. Through his treatment and concern for my Fibromylaja[sic] he also started reading articles on FM and came article you had written on how you could cure FM. He went to a conference that you held and was totally amazed by what he saw. Dr. Judge ordered me a FM kit to take right away and started testing me. He was unable to do a full test because he was waiting to get his test kit so I called and you tested me. After testing me, I found out that I was sicker than I could imagine. Having hepatitis C, herpes zoster, aluminum, and arsenic in my system was slowing killing me. I started taking Platinum Plus and the other vitamins March 17, 2000. Today, May 3rd I was retested and found that I no longer have hepatitis C, aluminum and arsenic in my system. The only one left is herpes zosters and that one has much improved. My over all health has improved and much of my pain from the FM is greatly improved also. I can never thank you enough for every thing that you have done for me and having such a wonder product as Platinum Plus.

Please feel free to use any information you have on me to help someone else. You may also use my name and tell anyone to call me if they like. If I can help someone else the way you helped me I gladly do it. Thank you again Dr. Vickery.


P Odgers

I have just ordered mo. 2–3 of your program for Fibromyalgia.

I have just ordered mo. 2–3 of your program for Fibromyalgia. I just wanted to say thank you for all the relief I am feeling. I got your name from Dr. Frank Stark after he read your article, “Den of Demons.” I have had this problem for around 10 years and nothing has given me any reason to even hope before. I am feeling so much better that my family doesn’t even recognize me. Thank you so much for all your help.

C Cook

Two-Edged Sword Diet

Dear Brice, It’s about 7 months since you first tested me. My main complaint, at age 51 (male), was a tear of the meniscus cartilage of my right knee, diagnosed by an orthopedic surgeon. I did not have any surgery for it. The tear happened 4 years ago and had never healed. So at the time I was only walking short distances of maybe a few hundred feet. It was very frustrating since I have always gone for long walks almost every day. On the first test you found many problems including candida, metals toxicity, and others.

A month passed before I decided to start on the special Two-Edged Sword Diet that you recommended. I also was taking regularly the Platinum Plus Amino Acids, Sea Plant Minerals, Flax/borage and multi. The first month of the diet was very difficult to get through, but I made it. Then it got gradually easier. Your program was the beginning of what has been a “miraculous” recovery. After all, the doctors will tell you that this type of injury never heals – that you must have the surgery. But that is not true and I am now walking just fine. Last month I did a 7 mile hike in the mountains with the family – and my knee felt great the next day.

Thank you so much for the wonderful service that you and your kind staff are so willing to do for people. It is deeply appreciated. Dr. Arnfield Utah P.S. Here are 2 simple recipes that I found very helpful. Lemonade/Limeade - when you feel like you’ll go crazy without something sweet 1 part freshly squeezed lime or lemon juice 2-3 parts filtered water Stevia to taste (I like SweetLeaf Stevia Plus by Wisdom) Coconut Milk Flan I invented this one out of desperation to find a fruit substitute during the first part of the diet. 2 cans of organic coconut milk Whisk until smooth, while adding 1 ½ teaspoon Stevia Plus (or to taste) and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Optional: 1 tablespoon lemon juice Slowly heat on the stovetop while whisking in 2 tablespoons of agar agar (Now Brand). Heat for about 5 minutes but do not boil. If you cook it too long or use too much agar it will turn out too firm. Refrigerate overnight. You want it to come out fairly firm but not hard.

Prostate Health

I started using your Vickery Essential Amino Acids years ago and am in pretty good shape for a 79 year old. I had one problem however which was getting worse over a 10 year span. This was BPH or benign prostatic hypertrophy or enlargement of the prostate. My PSA went up to 8.0 as I was taking saw palmetto which helps to control this somewhat.

In spite of that the PSA was steadily rising and I had to see my urologist every four months. I also heard that saw palmetto works by destroying prostatic cells.

About three months ago I started to take Vickery Sea Plant Minerals and Glyconutrients. On my recent checkup the doctor asked me what I was taking and proceeded to tell him. He said, “I don’t know anything about that but keep on doing what you are doing because your PSA is down to 6 and I won’t see you for six months!”

Thanks again for this simple solution to my problem. I hope that this will help other men who are having the same problem, which my urologist says is very common after 70.

Just thought it was time to give back…

I made myself wait a while to send this email, but decided I should wait no further. I shouldn’t find the things happening to me right now as particularly miraculous, having read a great deal of your literature before starting my fibro. intensive care regimen, not to mention the testimonials. However, what can I say, I’m originally from the “show-me” state, and guess old habits die hard.

I am a 46 year old woman, who, from outward appearance would seem to be maybe pretty healthy… after all, my background and degree is in the physical education/health field. I have always been physically active, and would be considered to be in pretty good shape for my age, etc. It breaks down from here, though. Over the last several years, I’ve gone through one problem after another. I have pretty serious DDD. I have major problems in the cervical area, and am recovering from a torn disc in the low back. I started chiropractic care around 6 years ago to deal with these issues. I had injections in both areas two years ago… which thankfully gave me pretty good relief these last 2 years. I had an emergency appendectomy 3 years ago. I had double carpal tunnel surgery at this time last year. I have been tested for everything known to man… with diagnosis of DDD, osteoarthritis, very inflammatory. Most major diseases have been ruled out… MS, etc., through the series of MRI…s, CT’s, and others. I have had nerve conduction tests done for both lower and upper body, and had been taking nerve meds for the symptoms for the last 3 years. Simply put, I felt BAD every day. I am a supervisor for TSA at an airport in Florida, and have a very physical job, which has been good, as far as I’m concerned, as I’ve felt better when I could get some exercise/physical exertion. I’ve been exhausted for I don’t know how long. I just couldn’t seem to get a break. Periods were even bad. Finally, in the light of all that was going on, after continuously going to Dr’s for the past several years, my pain management Dr. finally told me he thought I had Fibromyalgia. That was about 4 months ago. It came as NO SURPRISE, but it just takes so long to get that diagnosis. I was set up to do some more tests, but came down with a very bad flu, and hit an all-time low point. I bargained with myself more than a little and came to the conclusion that if I felt this bad all the time while taking the 8 prescribed medications, I couldn’t possibly feel worse not taking them at all. You have to understand that I was so sick that I couldn’t hold anything down, anyway… good time to find out. I wouldn’t advise others to take this rash action, but I was desperate. When I got to the point that I could look at a computer screen, I went back online to research more about fibromyalgia again, and soon found your research. I don’t know how I could have missed it before. As I have said, I had nothing to lose, so I ordered the trial bottle of amino acids to get started, and within a couple of days, went ahead and ordered the intensive care fibro. pkg.

The turn-around has been nothing short of amazing!!! I have lost virtually all the pain!! I have energy...one of the things I have been saying “I would give anything to have!” I find myself waking much earlier, and rested, WITHOUT PAIN. My coworkers have been let in on my “experiment” and are using me as their personal guinea pig, but I really don’t mind. I’ve always been one of the leaders at this job, and am accustomed to being a bit of a trail-blazer. I keep getting the remarks “I don’t know what you’re doing, but don’t quit!” As if I would!! Being in an airport environment, there’s lots of stress, and also lots of injuries, chronic pain, etc. I have fielded a lot of questions for information on your products, and basically carry around some info. from your website for whoever is interested. I have one friend who has already ordered…Mike Bell, of Cantonment, FL. There are several others who are on the verge. You can probably be assured that if you start seeing orders from the Pensacola FL metro area that it stemmed from me. It has been that dramatic.

Just thought it was time to give back. Please contact me for any addition information you might want/need. I would like for anyone to have the relief I’ve had and with a background in health, plus a good bit of sales and marketing, I do a pretty impressive sales pitch for your products. The best recommendation has been to those that have seen the quick turn-around, though. These folks have watched, listened to, and suffered with me the last 5 years. They care and are impressed with the changes they’ve seen. THEY SHOULD BE LIVING IN THIS BODY!!! I am a believer in these products.

S Schroeder

Nagging Back Pain

Hi Dr. Vickery. Here is my case history.

A few months ago, I had some nagging low back pain. I started taking the amino acids for that. It took about 6 weeks for the pain to go away. But the really amazing story is that I had had a real bad tooth infection for over a year. Sometimes the pain was excruciating. The tooth is broken to the gum. I had been controlling the pain with magnets, but the infection was still there, and I could feel the nerve pain going all the way from my upper gum into my right cheek and almost to my right eye. Wee, after a couple of weeks on the amino acids, I noticed a small lump in my gum. I checked and it was like a pimple with pus. I squeezed it to drain the pus. I kept getting the smal lump for weeks, and I kept popping it. After about 2 months there is no more infection, no more pain whatsoever. To me that was even more dramatic than getting rid of my low back pain.

Carlos Colon M.S.

Environmental Health Professional

Dear Dr. & Mrs. Vickery…

Note to say thank you so much for your kindness & hospitality recently during our last visit. You folks are doing a great service benefiting humanity, in my humble opinion!

It’s just a shame that conventional medicine & the Phar. Industry are so engrained in our medical insurance systems that true healing modalities such as yours are suppressed!

Can I take just a brief few sentences to add to your already mind-boggling testimonials. A 96 yr. young relative, a fifteen year old cat, and myself have been taking & monitoring your Platinum Amino Acids Product for approx. 3 months. We test kinesiologically, for compatibility… even the cat is constantly tested by us.

The cat tests that he need a capsule about every other day & have come back grom death's doorstep to running like a kitten.

My 96 years of age relative is doing remarkably better also, after a healing detox reaction. She test that she needs the product about 5 days out of seven.

I myself test that I need the Platinum almost every day have never been stronger at the age of 57.

For example, our water pipes were copper & I consequently had an elevated Cu level, which can lower body zinc levels. Week, upon starting your aminos, some of my fingernails developed white spots on them., a sign of the copper being flushed out of the body & a temporary Zn shortage, I deducted. As soon as the fingernails grew past the spots, they were history & I have honestly never felt better. I have to believe that what happened to the toxic CU exiting my body also was true for the lead, mercury, cadinium(sp), and the rest of the heavy metals.

Now I cannot say that I didn't have my rough days on the detox, but my goodness it was well worth the effort and cost.

Lastly, largely absent the technology for most people ot have at home compatibility testing on a daily basis, I would wholeheartedly recommend your product without individual testing, as amino acids are the building blocks for all of us, right? So if one consistently doesn't test well for them, George W. Bush miust have sent a space probe to Mars & brought a Martian in an Earthling disguise.

Seriously, thank you folks so much for your dedication & help! Feel fre to use any or all of the above if can be of assistance.

Kindest regards

Gary L. Robinson…
Environmental Health Professional formerly & crrent health researcher

Didn’t Need Back Surgery

We had one male that had two back surgeries for bulging discs. He was talking about the 3rd surgery when he started Platinum Plus and Omega 3 from Natural Factors. Within six days he noticed a difference and within 2 weeks all of his pain was gone

Health food owner in mid-west

Pulled Me Out of Depression From Lymes

This product helped pull me out of deep depression associated with very major Lyme's Desease.

E. Hagglund, MD

Heavy Metal Detox & Back Pain Success

I have had amazing success with the Platinum Plus Amino acids. I see the same detoxification curves you experience when I test with the homeopathic nodes for the metals.

I usually see a change in back pain in my patients within 24-48 hours!

I have included an interesting abstract discussing the role of amino acids with heavy metal detoxification in plants: http://jxb.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/content/abstract/57/4/711

Keep on trucking!

Peter Slane
Doctor of Chiropractic and Naturopathic Medicine

Shopping in Aiken

When Dr. Vickery and his sweet wife, Marilyn, first started coming into our store, PostNet, in Aiken, SC, to have his promotional and marketing materials copied in volume, I never paid much attention to his company or products…until I started reading some of them one day. It just so happened that a lot of the problems and ailments he was discussing in the literature coincided with what I was experiencing personally: depression, lack of energy, getting up every day to just feel mediocre at best.

As they say, “I took the plunge” one day and visited Dr. Vickery’s office to be tested. Boy was I in for a shock. I had infection in my sinuses, too much aluminum (and perhaps other toxic minerals) in my body, Epstein-Barr virus and a couple of other similar viral problems that I had learned to live with unfortunately, for far too many years. It was absolutely a terrible way to have to go through life… feeling sick, tired, and run down all the time.

Dr. Vickery put me on a battery of vitamins and minerals which I was terribly deficient in apparently and other safe, non-prescription elements the body needs to get healthy and stay healthy. Yeast ran rampantly high in my body, all fed by potatoes, breads, pastas, starches, and other sugars form sweets and desserts that no one really needs. I went on a diet of high proteins, vegetables, and yogurt for a couple of months to get rid of the yeast infection in my sinuses (and who knows where else). Not only did I immediately start feeling better, I lost some weight in the process too. A number of visits over a few months for testing at Dr. Vickery’s office was a numbers game… the poisons and viruses that were robbing me of my health and vitality were steadily leaving my body and I was feeling tremendously better.

I am now six months down the road to a better life and better health. I don’t take everything I took when I first went to Dr. Vickery, but am now in a “maintenance mode” with my vitamins, minerals, and most importantly, Dr. Vickery’s soon-to-be-patented Platinum Plus, which has essential amino acids and minerals everybody needs to function correctly. I don’t know why Platinum Plus works, I just know that it does work.

I don’t know about all the medical stuff that “Doc” explained to me, but I do know that I feel tremendously better, my coloring has improved greatly, I smile and laugh a lot more than I used to, and the joy of living is an experience I have and everyone needs and deserves to get through the system Dr. Vickery offers. My deepest thanks to you, Dr. Vickery, Mrs. Vickery, and your wonderful assistant, Michelle, for all you have done for me. Each and every day is a lesson in loving life and feeling good enough to enjoy it for a change.

B McClearen

Thank You From Quebec

I apologize for not emailing you earlier, I value your products, the Platinum Essential Amino Acids Plus Formula has helped me heal my herniated disc problem. There was a time, I had wondered if the pain in the back will ever go away. I did not want to take [anti-]inflammatory pills for the back. I wanted something natural and good. I know taking your Amino acids and some physical therapy has helped me lead a sporty lifestyle.

Through luck, I found you through the internet under Herniated Disc—search. I read your information, then e-mailed you. After your e-mail response, we talked on the phone. I liked the way you presented yourself. I felt your products can help me, after our discussion.

Now Dr. Brice E. Vickery your amino acids have made my mother’s life bearable again. My poor mother has endured unbearable pain from her arthritis for many many years. I don’t want to sound exaggerating but it is true. She would get pains all over her body, especially during damp temperatures. In Quebec, Canada we get some real damp temperatures during the year. My mother at times would become totally immobile, and with sever pain. Her wrists and legs would become inflamed due to the arthritis. She had tried every dam drug from her doctors. NOTHING SEEMED TO HELP HER FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME.

I remember asking you if your Amino acids can also help people with arthritis problems and you said yes. Then I mentioned to you about my mother’s case. You advised me what to order for her and I did. NO BULL – What your product – Platinum Essential Amino Acids Plus Formula has done to my mother is short to a miracle.

It has been a consistent a year + since my mother starting taking you pills. She is like a new woman, her pains have subsided. This is my mother I what she has been through, over the years. Her pains would come without warning or mercy. It is no coincidence that after taking your amino acids my mother looks and feels like a new woman. Her arthritis pains has become bearable to non-existent. Now, when I call my mother there is very much less talk about how much pain she feels, and how much I felt sorry for my mother because there was nothing I can do to relieve her pains. Your products has really helped my mother. Yes, she still gets pains at times during damp temperatures, but nothing compared to how she felt before taking you pills.

Even my father in-law, who has arthritis in his knees has started taking the amino acids, vitamin A + C. My father in-law is 77 and he has a virus in his knees. He has been taking your pills for the last month and a half, its too early to give an accurate judgement, but he tells me that he is starting to feel better in his knees.

Thanks again Dr. Vickery

Yours truly,

D Chiricosta