Back Pain Treatment

Important Information for Advanced Treatment of Backpain

When a doctor, any doctor of any kind, can with certainty diagnose a condition, he is halfway or more to the treatment — ordinarily. Since it has been established through the advanced diagnostic methods of Dr. Brice E. Vickery that back pain is a deficiency disease it should be immediately clear that ALL of the methods now in current use can be observed as exercises in futility. At least for the long run that is a lifetime. These can be found in abundance searching the web.

Let’s take a look at a graph that compares the success of the Vickery Method vs. (from right to left) The Neurologist (non–surgical), The Chiropractor (hands–only), The Osteopath, The General Practitioner (using drugs), The Orthodpaedist (using drugs), The Chiropractor (using shotgun nutrition and physiotherapy) The Acupuncturist, The Psychiatrist (using drugs), The Chiropractic Applied Kinesiologist, (using more specific nutrition, glandulars and specific tests), and the Vickery Method (which stands alone in identifying protein as the primary problem). These results are so startling that most professionals don’t believe them. Yet not one in the last 15 years has ever accepted Dr. Vickery’s $1,000 challenge!

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This study was done on fifty patients as they presented themselves and is a very respectable sample for a study. In the thousands of persons that Dr. Vickery and his associates treated the same rate of success was achieved.

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A new medical treatment is worthy of mention here which is called IDET (intradiskal) electrothermal annuloplasty) in which a catheter is inserted through a needle directly into the disk. The catheter has a thermocouple that heats the disk for 14–17 minutes at 194 degrees. It can be called “Boil–A–Disk.” This brings up some interesting points:

  1. How is the appropriate disk determined since most failed surgeries are the result of operating on the disk that the Scans showed? (The wrong disk!)
  2. If there is a natural way to correct these disks that has a higher rate of success -98% vs. 80% reported isn’t that better and more cost effective than spending $7000 and being cast “adrift” to do it again?
  3. It is wrong in principle — creating a possible infection site and dead zone. Hippocrates “Do thy patient no harm.”
  4. It does prove what no one would believe 15 years ago: that the disks were the major cause of back pain and that a spinal nerve didn’t have to be “pinched” to cause agonizing pain.

The Vickery Method of Backpain Treatment

Years of trial and struggle have resulted in a simple, logical, measured every–step–of–the–way, healing, not of the disks in question but the WHOLE BODY! Clinically all kinds of conditions clear up when the disks are treated because their deficiency is the body’s deficiency. Back pain is only one of the things that respond.

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Cut-away of normal and damaged disks.
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  • In the initial exam the patient’s deficiencies are found and the appropriate nutrition is supplemented. Nine out of ten need Vickery Essential Amino Acids. The special vitamin C Complex and Iodine are supplied in professional formulas that are guaranteed because they have been tested millions of times.
  • Where the patient has been able to carry on his daily work — he is not seen for one week. This gives the patient time to rebuild the “glue” (collagens and glycosaminoglycans) that was supposed to hold his body together in the first place.
  • Re–examination usually reveals that all of the spinal disks are healing and the other procedures that are necessary to maintain fully functioning muscle, nervous, and acupuncture ( meridians ) are now rapidly achieved, 2- 5 visits. By this point the patient has maintained a straight posture and may hold it as long as there are no deficiencies.
  • The patient is instructed to remain on the maintenance Back Pain Package as long he wishes to remain healthy and is seen quarterly (every three months) if he wishes. This is a Wellness Practice!
  • The serious disk cases where they could not stand up were treated with the same nutrition but were seen immediately and every other day — Mon–Wed–Fri until out of the woods. They required absolute rest but never needed pain relievers as the amino acids act as pain relievers also. They were treated manually — by hand with a method developed by Dr. Vickery. No Chiropractic or Osteopathic manipulations (which can precipitate surgery). No drugs were ever used!
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The rest of the treatment took the same course to a straight and fully functioning person. A person should not need endless spinal or other adjustments!