Fibromyalgia Update:
A New and Terrible Demon

Part Two of Two

The new and terrible demon that we introduced into the causes of fibromyalgia in Part One (Volume 23, Issue 5) was HCV (hepatitis C). We warned the practitioners of the healing arts that, if they were protein/sulfur deficient, they were in the greatest danger of contracting HCV because—not having a proper immune response—they could not repel this virus, as well as most other viruses, from their tissues. The second reason is just numerical: doctors and health workers coming into contact with sick persons every day act as funnels. Unfortunately, they do not know it. They still believe that serum tests are the only way to do this diagnosis. It’s a pity, because about 90% of all the chiropractors that we test in seminars are protein/sulfur defcient and have DISKAL LESIONS. I am coming into increasing contact with doctors who have the means, such as kinesiology, and electroacupuncture with newers and more sophisticated machines and concepts, to diagnose HCV. Meanwhile, in contrast to these 21st Century successful types, the chiropractic schools, for the most part, still turn out “Dodo Birds.” (The Dodo bird is, of course, extinct: “…any of several clumsy, flightless, extinct birds… Random House)

I chose to concentrate on one case history, in the first article, that was in process at the time the article was being written. The following case is rather unique because, while I present the case history synopsis, the patient tells her story in her own words, as a testimonial, in the sidebar to this article.

A Recent Case History and Testimonial
Fibromyalgia and Lupus

First Exam, 1/10/01: A pale FM patient reported a history of more than ten years of being incapacitated —a preson who had formerly done everything. She was unable to work, had been given a diagnosis of FM and lupus, experienced constant nausea and pain from the waist up. Ultrasound of organs and MRI of the spine appeared normal.

Examination revealed an array of three deadly viruses, two bacteria, systemic yeast (six infections) and three toxic metals, undiagnosed by a long string of doctors. This patient is the perfect example of why I wrote the original article, “Fibromyalgia: A Den of Demons.” She was placed on my “Vickery Protocol” and put on a Candida (strict) diet. On our side were the simple, professional grade nutritional supplements, spearheaded by an amino acids formula. David against Goliath? We entered the battle.

2/28/01: Some improvement from the start, and considerable progress in the levels of noxious elements. Patient reported much less pain and much increased energy, with fewer bad days. We were now confident of winning the battle. Patient was placed on Vickery Protocol #2, second phase, with less nutritional support.

3/16/01: Hepatitis C, D200 (the higher, the better); measels, gone; herpees simplex, D30 (found in teeth); Staph, D30; Strep, D100; Candida, D400; arsenic, D30 (same as before); mercury, D400; aluminum, none. Corrected lymphatic drainage manually; continued nutrition and added some fruits, beans, and nonyeasted bread (spelt) to diet.

4/25/01: Hepatitis C, D400; herpes simplex, D60; Strep, none; Staph, D15 (localized in teeth and gums. Consider calling in a holistic dentist. Fighting a local battle with possible abscesses). Candida, D1000; mercury, none; arsenic, none.

6/1/01: Staph, none (didn’t need the dentist); viruses, none; corrected lymphatic system again.

8/30/01: No infections. Patient had driven cross-country for as long as sixteen hours at a time, by herself, and needed a lymphatic correction. Her muscles, dormant for thirteen years, were not toned for such an endurance trial. This patient is declared healed.


Patient compliance is the key, and not the imposing list of “demons” inhabiting the patient. This lady was a model for all to follow, and she has courage. She deserves to live out her life in health, and now knows how to do that. When we named out website, we knew that just the name would draw flack, especially form the traditional medical profession. On the other hand, the average chiropractor might have given her ninety-six visits—to no avail. We gave her four. This case is a good example of what is being accomplished everyday.

The Solutions

A growing band of doctors routinely conquer these mystery diseases, while the bulk of the healing arts sit confounded on the sidelines. What is it that makes the difference?

What we found is that the identification of the particular nutritional deficiencies, which enables us, also, to SUPPLY the exact nutrition needed, and the ability to test its BIOAVAILABILITY, can bring about miracles, in the majority of cases.

This lead to our developing an exclusive line of supplements, including an essential amino acids formula, which effectively addresses the first case of protein/sulfur deficiency, by arming the immune system—the major factor in virus elimination. (It has been found that the common factor in viruses and multiple viruses inhabiting a person is protein/sulfur deficiency.) And, these products work exceptionally well with either EAV (Electroacupuncture According to Voll) and AK (Applied Kinesiology) testing of the pancreatic meridian at the Voll points, as illustrated in the drawing below.

An Exact Form of Energy Testing
HCV Kinesiological Testing

This is a simple procedure, and all it requires is competency in testing. We use a test kit that has a series of graduated dilutions of the actual HCV virus, starting from D5 and running up to D200, in a series of ten. The lower are the more acute, less dilutions, are in the chronic and disappearing range. The dilutions are sealed in injectable ampoules and can be used over and over (See photo).

After determining that the patient is testable, we hold the box against the patient’s chest near the thymus. If the person has any one of the frequencies present in the box, he will weaken.

To determine the exact level of HCV infection, we open the box and have the patient place the index finger on the vial containing the lowest dilution and work up to the highest dilutions. Where the muscle weakens, that is the level of the virus in his body. This can, also, be done with other viruses. We, then, immediately place the patient on an essential amino acids formula, as well as whatever else is needed (which is usually most of the major nutrients). Then we monitor the effects, using the same methods.

We have watched this HCV virus march our of fifty-or-so FM patients, with an equal number of cases in process. We can determine which parts of the body are involved. Many people do NOT have HCV in the liver, but in the spine—which is why the arthritis never clears up; or in the lungs, which is why they have asthma; or in the brain and sinuses, which is why your cervical adjustments dont’t HOLD!

This is 21st Century technology, centered on testing the human body as its own laboratory.

This article was originally printed in The American Chiropractor, Volume 24, Issue 3, 2002