Hepatitis C

Dr. Brice E. Vickery
©2007 SuperNutrient Corporation

Hepatitis C is a virus that enters the cellular protein–making machinery, the ribosome, and inserts its own protein template in place of the normal protein template thus causing the ribosome to manufacture Hepatitis C viral proteins. While the Hepatitis C virus does enter other sites in the body such as the joints, spine and kidneys, the virus does its worst work in the liver, which plays a central role in the body’s metabolism. If the body does not have enough systemic protein to manufacture immune system materials, the immune system cannot protect the liver cells from viral invasion.

The liver is involved in energy production, regulating the balance of body fluids between the blood and the tissues, and the neutralization and removal of toxic substances from the body. When the Hepatitis C virus invades the liver, essential metabolic processes become compromised. For instance: Its ability to supply the body with glucose (energy) is reduced. Because the functions of the brain and central nervous systems are heavily dependent on the availability of glucose, symptoms such as “brain fog”, poor memory, painful muscles, numb extremities, and even fever and seizures in extreme cases, such as that of lupus. The overall downturn in the liver’s ability to supply your body with energy leads to general fatigue and malaise. The liver’s ability to store energy is also reduced leading to the wasting syndrome often occurring with Hepatitis C patients.

The liver is the body’s only source of albumin. This protein maintains the fluid balance between the cells and the tissues. Hepatitis C impedes the liver’s ability to make albumin leading to symptoms such as edema. The fluid imbalance within the cell leads to impaired cell function with presenting symptoms such as malaise and fatigue.

The liver is the body’s poison filter. Its detoxification pathways neutralize and remove toxic substances that enter the blood from the outside (chemicals, metals, etc) plus its has special pathways that deal with the potentially toxic byproduct of amino acid breakdown that naturally occurs during healthy metabolism. This detoxification ability is compromised leaving the immune system to fight excess toxins circulating in the blood and stored in the tissues. Rashes, allergies, joint pain and muscle stiffness occur as toxins build up in the body. Since the fluid system is not working to drain the body through the lymph system, skin infections, swollen limbs and tingling extremities also can become problems

All these processes also require systemic protein to keep the body running efficiently. The basic building blocks of systemic protein are amino acids. During illness or infection the requirements for these building blocks are increased because the body must have the extra energy and various different proteins that support pathogen destruction and tissue repair so that the body can heal as well as keep up normal everyday functions. If the body is protein deficient to begin with, it stands little chance of being able to make the necessary enzymes, immune proteins, hormones, and energy it needs to heal illness. It is doing all it can just to keep you alive!

The unfortunate truth is that 9 out of 10 people are protein deficient. This deficiency stems from an inability to fully convert dietary protein into amino acids, which are essential for the manufacture of the thousands of different proteins that are needed to keep the body healthy. Platinum Plus Essential Amino Acids are a result of years of testing. The goal of this testing was to find the right blend and balance of amino acids that would enable the body to fully convert food into amino acids. Extra sulfur and molybdenum are added to aid liver detoxification pathways, and creatine is added to support lean muscle mass.

I have tested thousands of Hep. C patients and these tests show that if the body’s ability to produce systemic protein is boosted with essential amino acids in conjunction with co–nutrients, the immune system will be able to successfully fight this virus. Patients who have followed the Vickery Platinum Protocol for Hepatitis C have found themselves virus free.

Thank you for you time, good luck and good health.