Back Pain Nutrition

Important Information on Nutrition and Backpain

Having conquered Back Pain, what is next? Can the Amino Acids that are contained in Vickery Platinum Essential Amino Acids Plus, and Vickery Essential Amino Acids™ be obtained from the food that we eat? Do we have to take them forever? These are the questions that Dr. Vickery answered tens of thousands of times. The nutrition that we get from our food is no longer sufficient for our needs. It was all right in the Garden of Eden but, we were ejected. Then man really “improved” things with the cooking and preserving of meat, pasteurization of our dairy products, our orange and fruit juices, our canned food. We can keep it forever now but the trouble is that it has become “dead” food! Everything that we ate in the Garden of Eden was alive!

The enzymes that were present in the live food were destroyed. These enzymes according to Dr. Edward Howell and Dr. Howard Loomis augmented our “enzyme banks”, a limited capacity to make digestive enzymes, because the LIVE FOOD HELPED US TO DIGEST ITSELF! It is for this reason that Dr. Vickery recommends that everyone make an effort to ingest at least 50% of their food in the natural state. The average person might have trouble doing even this much.

Even with this effort it is necessary to take the Amino Acids because they are in what is called free form or individual Amino Acids. They are in the perfect proportions and in sufficient amounts for the pancreas and small intestine glands to manufacture THE DIGESTIVE ENZYMES THAT IS NEEDED TO DIGEST THE REST OF THE DAILY DIETARY PROTEIN. The body then gets the total amino acids from the meat, eggs fish, nuts, AND PROTEIN POWDERS that are part of our daily diets.

This is the most neglected area of healing. MOST of the most famous doctors in the world don’t KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS PROTEIN PROBLEM. If they did they would have solved the Back Pain problem years and years ago. They wouldn’t be fooling around with things like glucosamine sulphate and chondroiton sulphate. They will however shortly become aware that Platinum Plus is 100% more effective because it starts the entire enzyme cascade from the digestive glands to the 3 billions cells of the entire body. And it is number one in Back Pain, Arthritis, and Fibromyalgia.